AirClass 1 ON 1 Review:Is it the best choice for your child

According to statistics, millions of British students are affected by the rampant COVID-19 pandemic. The latest survey shows that there are 2 million students in the UK who have only completed a small amount of homework or no homework at all, and 4 million students have no regular contact with their teachers. AirClass 1-to-1 online classes effectively bridge the learning process between teachers and students, making it safer in the epidemic. Through one-on-one tutoring, the difficulties encountered by students in the learning process can be solved in a targeted manner.

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Founded in 2014, AirClass is a global educational institution that focuses on online one-on-one tutoring. Main business The service is to provide online one-on-one tutoring in mathematics, English, science, biology, chemistry and other subjects for children aged 5-18. In September 2020, AirClass has invested more than 400 million U.S. dollars. Headquartered in London, UK, AirClass is the world’s largest one-to-one online tutoring service with super.

More than 500,000 students provide one-on-one targeted counseling for young people around the world anytime, anywhere.
The UK currently offers courses at three levels (SATS, GCSE and Alevel) in mathematics, English, science, biology and chemistry. The interview pass rate was 7.8%, and the teacher selection criteria were strict. The teachers are from the top 30 universities in the UK

Learning and rich teaching experience. All incoming teachers need to undergo uniform training and assessment before they can officially teach.
The whole teaching process is a tutor + learning consultant model. The tutor is responsible for full-time teaching, and the learning consultant is responsible for supervision
Study progress, arrange courses for students, and review after class. In 2021, 91% of the students surveyed are receiving a 3-month
Significant progress has been made after counseling.

The following four characteristics will be the reason why you choose Airclass 1 on 1.
AirClass 1-on-1 ( has an independent full-disciplinary teaching and research team, which provides unified classroom teaching training for all teachers, and supervises the quality of teaching in each class, according to relevant sources. In addition, AirClass 1 to 1 teachers come from prestigious universities such as Cambridge University and Oxford University. The data shows that the acceptance rate of all teacher applicants is only 7.8%.

AirClass 1-on-1 ( not only requires high academic knowledge of applicants, but also carefully considered whether they have enough sympathy to resonate with students, and whether they are humorous enough to interact with students Empathize with emotions. Create a harmonious classroom atmosphere.

Some AirClass 1 to 1 users are impressed by the teaching level of AirClass 1 to 1 teachers. “A wonderful meeting, worth it,” said AirClass one-on-one user Britney Spears. “Love it! Catherine, my history teacher is very flexible, even in a short time. My history score reached A in 6 months. Overall, I am very satisfied with the teacher and the company.”

AirClass 1-on-1 ( is also competitive in terms of prices for all courses. Each AirClass one-to-one course lasts 50 minutes and costs only £30. Students can attend 1-3 classes per week, which can be arranged or cancelled at any time, which is very flexible.

Summary: In the face of uncertain hazards, the growth of children is always particularly important. It is necessary for us to consider a platform that is conducive to their growth. Airclass 1on1 will be your best choice. Register as a free airclass 1on1 user, and give your child a one-on-one tutoring opportunity.

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