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What sunnyside stand for

Some people think that cutting back on drinking is all about having less. But at Sunnyside, we’re all about having more. More rested mornings, more days when you’re feeling your absolute best, more energy and positivity. We’re not here to say “don’t go out” or “never drink”. We’re here to help you to enjoy your life AND wake up ready to shine your brightest.

Small changes, big impact

Sunnyside provides a simple but structured approach to help you drink more mindfully. You’ll feel the difference.


Create an intention for your week ahead

We’ll recommend targets for you each week, which you can customize to fit your schedule and preferences.

Track each drink, it’s as easy as sending a text.

An emoji (or a number) is all it takes. We come to you, making it super easy to stay on plan and reach your goals.

Celebrate your achievements and gain relevant insights over time.

Visualize the progress you’re making: money saved, empty calories reduced, dry days added, and drinks cut.

How it Works

We believe there’s power in finding balance. Sunnyside helps you ease into mindful drinking at your own pace.

Take the quiz.

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your goals so we can personalize your experience.

This is a judgement-free zone.

Follow your personalized plan.

Based on your starting point,

we’ll make recommendations

and text you reminders to help you meet your goals.

Stick with it long term.

Think lifestyle change, not a fad diet.

We’ll work together to develop new daily routines,

so you maintain your new habits for life.

You’re not alone

You’re joining a community of members who have been through exactly what you’re going through, and have achieved amazing results.

Backed by science

Sunnyside utilizes proven behavior-change techniques to help you reach your goals, and it’s all reviewed by our team of experts.

“As a doctor, I’ve seen firsthand the difference that a better relationship with alcohol can make in a person’s overall health outcomes, which is why I recommend Sunnyside to my patients.”