TruthFinder Review 2022: Trustworthy?

It is easy to conduct a background check online. There are a number of companies that claim to have access to public records and other online databases needed to compile integrated reports. However, if you look at customer reviews, many of these people can’t legitimately use the data when searching the site, or even access the information they claim to have.

Many of the public records these companies rely on are outdated and grossly inaccurate. Overall, it is difficult to find good background check services that use trusted data and provide accurate results.

So how do you find a reputable service that offers real background checks to clients?

We are here to help you! In this article, we extensively reviewed Truthfinder, one of the most popular background check services on the internet today.

Read below for our honest reviews, plus the pros and cons of using Truthfinder.

Overview and Background of TruthFinder

TruthFinder dates back to 2014 and was founded in San Diego, California. It has conducted tens of thousands of background checks over the years.

During background checks, TruthFinder scans hundreds of millions of records, including social network data and public records. All of this happens within minutes. The important part here is that some of the data that TruthFinder looks at is confidential or private. In other words, it gives customers access to more than just public records.

TruthFinder then displays the relevant information it finds in a series of reports. It helps customers find information like hard-to-find social media profiles, arrest records or unknown contact information.

The biggest difference between TruthFinder and some other similar services is that it looks at private records in addition to public records. Few services offer this feature as it makes their service more complex and potentially more expensive. This means that the information you can get from most competitors is likely to be found if you have enough time to search on your own.

Running a background check with TruthFinder may give you more details and insight into someone than simply searching their name online. You may get additional information about past locations, police reports or photos.

TruthFinder pros and cons

TruthFinder helps you discover details such as phone numbers, social media accounts, email addresses, qualifications, job details, public records of illegal activity, assets, names of relatives and acquaintances. In fact, the Truthfinder app has been praised for its ability to provide accurate and time-correlated data.

The Truthfinder app comes in handy in a variety of situations: Whether you’re trying to reconnect with a lost friend or relative, lost touch in the hustle and bustle of life, or trying to resolve a suspicion of cheating, you can always rely on TruthFinder for the truth! Also, you can use the app to verify the authenticity of someone your guts consider suspicious.

What makes this background check service different is that it doesn’t waste your time. You don’t need to read dozens of pages of long instructions, you’ll skip reading anyway. The app has simple and to the point instructions that won’t frustrate you on how to proceed.

With upfront terms and conditions and clear guidelines on the legality of data usage, TruthFinder paves the way for smooth and secure searches. You’ll also be relieved to find that no employer can withdraw an employment application based solely on a background search performed by TruthFinder – such restrictions help manufacturers protect their members and those who are “background searched”.

The app also earns extra points for quick service. Their report is generated in just 10 minutes – can you believe it? This, coupled with the fact that the app is compatible with both Android and iOS, makes it even more appealing! With membership, you can also use the option to perform unlimited searches.

In addition, the truthfinder app offers a reverse phone lookup tool that enables users to search using phone numbers; this reverse phone lookup service is much less expensive at $4.99 per month.

If you’re the one uploading your profile, you can choose which specific data to hide or show to the public – meaning TruthFinder lets you monitor and control what’s posted about you there. Giving this type of control to its members is what helped the app achieve its status as one of the top background check apps of the 21st century!

According to Truthfinder reviews, their customer service deserves as much attention as the product itself. Whenever someone is having an inconvenience or encounters any problem with TruthFinder, he/she has the option to drop their concerns in the help box on their website; however, this will only provide limited assistance. That’s why we recommend that you contact their team via official email or any given toll-free number and ask for help from their eager and friendly customer service staff who are always more than willing to meet and resolve your concerns!

That being said, when using an app like TruthFinder, you must remind yourself not to get carried away and make yourself aware of the legality of using the data you acquire. For example, as we mentioned earlier, it is illegal to make hiring decisions based on a potential employee’s background information. Additionally, the Fair Credit Reporting Act makes data obtained from such sources unacceptable.

FYI, thanks to TruthFinder for highlighting this and for educating its users how/where to use the information they get from searching on the app – transparency of this nature is not something you encounter every day!

How much does TruthFinder cost?
You can get all of TruthFinders’ people search tools on a relatively affordable subscription plan. I say this because TruthFinder reviews often complain that the price is too high, although I believe everything worth having has a price tag. Another common complaint is that there are no one-time reports and no free trials.

There is an additional $2 fee to download the report in PDF format.

The TruthFinder review also pointed out that since there are no one-time reports, you have to buy a monthly subscription to check a person. I would say, out there, why not use infinite search to your advantage and check more people. You might be surprised by what you find.

We’ll explore some of these features in more detail.

Background checks – what you’ll find

Background checks are one of TruthFinder’s most popular services. They are the main services the company is known for.

As mentioned, TruthFinder scans private records in addition to public records, which means you can get more detailed information from them than you can from your competitors.

But what type of information can you expect to find? This will help you gauge whether TruthFinder’s services meet your needs.

Keep in mind that TruthFinder may not always find information in all of the categories below for everyone. The results in the report will depend on the information available. With this in mind, you may see the following message.

You may obtain the following personal information:

first and last name
date of birth
Contact information
Expect to see some location history, including:

past and present addresses
Are these addresses residential or commercial
Census data
local demographics
possible neighbors
The report may include information about assets such as:

property tax
Sales Amount
rental property
You may get a list of online profiles such as:

personal website
social media profiles
News report
You can view information about education and employment such as:

any higher education degree
full work experience
You may see a range of types of relationships, including:

marriage records
divorce records
possible neighbors
business partner
acquaintances and friends
Anyone sharing or sharing an address (commercial or residential)
In terms of criminal records, you will see the following information:

Location of crime and arrest
Fee category
description of crime
date of crime
Court name and case number
For sex offenders, you will see the following:

their sex offender status
Any registered sex offender who lives near the person’s address
dark web scan

This particular scan from TruthFinder checks if your personal information is being sold on the dark web. It is designed to help you find out if you are a victim of identity theft, or if your information has been compromised.

While online identity theft isn’t always a serious risk, it has become a growing concern in recent years, especially as we digitize more aspects of our lives.

You can also customize TruthFinder’s dark web scanning. This is done by choosing which parts of your personal information it will find and monitor for you. The full list of options includes:

Contact information
Bank account
Debit and Credit Cards
driver’s license
phone number
Passport number
social Security number
medical identification number
Membership or retail card
To accomplish this, TruthFinder looks at a range of websites and servers on the dark web. These include social media feeds, chat rooms, web services, peer-to-peer file sharing networks, file transfers, bulletin boards and forums.

Reverse phone lookup

This service allows you to enter a phone number in the search field and find out the potential owner of the phone number. This is a particularly welcome feature when you get a call from a number you don’t recognize.

TruthFinder provides this particular service by scanning numbers from public records. Conveniently, you don’t need to enter any information other than your phone number.

The result will include the name of the phone number owner as well as any known aliases. You can use these aliases to find out their nicknames, married names, or former names. You may also see a photo of this person.

This search will also give you a list of other people who may be associated with the phone number, such as people who previously owned the number.

How to use TruthFinder
After reading TruthFinder consumer reviews and going through the registration process myself, I can confirm that TruthFinder has a simple interface and a step-by-step search and registration process. Honestly, it’s not fast because your search goes through a lot of filters in order to give you the most relevant details. If you ask me if it’s worth it, I’ll say it’s worth it because the results are sorted and you get an accurate report.

Plus, site navigation is simple, and you certainly don’t need to be a tech geek to find your way.

Here are the main steps to perform a background check:

1. Fill in all the information about the person

2. Browse the results until you find the person you’re looking for

3. Register, pay and view your report

TruthFinder Customer Support

TruthFinder has good customer support, although its support hours may be more extensive. You can only chat with a live representative on weekdays from 7am to 7pm Pacific Time. While that’s less than ideal, this is still full support for 12 hours per weekday, which is more than some similar services offer.

While there is no weekend or late night support, TruthFinder also has an FAQ section with really helpful information and answers. There’s a good chance you’ll find the answer to your question there without even contacting support.

Reviews on TruthFinder

Our research found that a large number of TruthFinder reviews are very positive. Most reviews confirm that the information provided by TruthFinder is accurate and up-to-date.

Safety and Security with TruthFinder

With sites like TruthFinder accessing so much personal information, safety and security are of paramount concern. The good news is that TruthFinder does this well. They encrypt all data in transit. This helps ensure that your information as a customer is safe.

Also, because of the amount of information they have access to, TruthFinder constantly monitors websites for potential criminal activity, such as hackers. Not only does this keep customer data safe, it also helps ensure that information cannot be changed by cybercriminals. In other words, TruthFinder takes steps to keep your data and the data it provides safe and accurate.

Is TruthFinder Safe?

Yes. As mentioned earlier, TruthFinder has several security measures in place to protect your information and the information you search for. The person you conduct the background check won’t even know you did.

Is TruthFinder Legal?

Yes. In addition to multiple online reviews, we can confirm that TruthFinder is a legitimate background check service. Results are accurate and up-to-date.

Additionally, TruthFinder is transparent about how you use the information it provides.

Is TruthFinder Legal?

TruthFinder is legal depending on how you plan to use the information. As mentioned, the company clearly outlines how you can legally use the information you get from it.

It’s legal as long as you use TruthFinder to satisfy a personal curiosity or to keep you, your children, or your family safe. So you can use it to find long-lost relatives, check on your neighbors, or vet blind dates.

for personal reasons only

The important caveat here is that you cannot use the information on TruthFinder for any business decisions. You cannot use it to make decisions related to consumer credit, tenant screening or employment.

All of these business-related decisions are covered by the Fair Credit Reporting Act. Under the Act, you can only get information about these decisions from consumer reporting agencies. TruthFinder is not one of them.

You may have other questions about background checks

Whether you plan to use TruthFinder or another background check service, you may have some questions about what these background checks involve.

What is a background check?

First, a background check is a process of verifying that someone is who they say they are. It lets you confirm their identity by looking at their education, employment, social media, phone numbers, addresses, any criminal records, and more.

Why do people do background checks?

There are several reasons why someone might decide to conduct a background check.

A typical example is a company conducting background checks on employees before hiring them. However, it is important to note that there are regulations in place for the types of services that companies can use for such background checks. The services they use must be accredited by a consumer reporting agency. TruthFinder does not have this certification.

A more common example of why someone would use a service like TruthFinder for a background check is to feel safe and secure. For example, they might check on a new neighbor or significant other before taking the next step in their relationship, or someone who doesn’t trust their friend or significant other in their family might check the person’s background.

How to conduct a background check?

At the most basic level, conducting a background check is as simple as choosing a service, paying for it, and providing basic information about the person you want to investigate.

Background checks are designed to search through various public records and other available information, so you don’t have to spend days doing the same thing. Some services, like TruthFinder, also look at resources that you don’t have access to, such as private resources.

Bottom line

TruthFinder is one of the most popular background check sites. You can also use it for reverse phone lookups or to check if your information is being sold on the dark web. This website is trustworthy and safe to use. The only thing to keep in mind is that you need to pay a monthly membership fee, which gives you unlimited searches. If you only need one search, it might make more sense to offer a different service priced by report.