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Founded in 1997, Web.com focuses on meeting the needs of small businesses and provides custom web design and marketing solutions to over 3 million customers worldwide. They also provide services related to online marketing, domain names, web hosting, email and security.
Some of Web.com’s solutions target both online and brick-and-mortar retailers. For brick-and-mortar businesses, Web.com provides related merchant services, such as payment processing.
Web.com partners with other web solutions companies such as Network Solutions, Register.com and 1ShoppingCart. If Web.com doesn’t offer the specific service you’re looking for; there’s a good chance one of their partners does. In this Web.com review, I’ll take a deep dive into the Web.com site builder.
Web.com provides very beautiful and elegant tools to help you create a unique online presence in a fraction of the time. Some features, like blogging, are a bit rough around the edges, but it certainly shows promise.

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Website builders can be found all over the internet, promising to simplify the creation of web pages so you can continue to manage your business. Many have delivered on this promise, while others have fallen far short. Web.com is a new service. It has a perfect name, but how does it function?
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First of all, web.com doesn’t offer a free trial and doesn’t seem to have a money-back guarantee. You have to commit for at least four weeks, but on the plus side, the first payment is only $1.95. Then, you can choose a domain name. Free URLs are provided for free (with some limitations), and it stays free as long as you renew your website builder service. If you already have one, you can use it.
Web.com Subscription Options:
12 Month Plan – $1.95 per month ($23.40 total)
This might be daunting to some, but since this service is focused on businesses, the initial outlay is trivial for what you’re offering.
Web.com Review: This Website Builder Features
One immediate thing to notice when dealing with this Web.com review is that you can buy a Web.com DIY website builder on a monthly basis, giving you time to check it out before committing to a long-term plan.
After signing up and paying, you’ll be directed to the website builder’s admin area, where you can view any website you’ve created. There are also links to analytics, template libraries, and your own media library. There is no limit to the number of websites you can create, but you will need to purchase a domain for each website you want to make public.
Clicking the “Create Site” button in the upper right corner will take you to a page where you can choose to have Web.com generate a basic layout for you, or go to the template gallery and choose one yourself. Unfortunately, you can’t build a website without templates.
I checked the boot process first. Web.com will ask some basic questions about the type of business you run, then direct you to a page with suggested templates. These appear to be just any templates Web.com offers for your chosen business category.
Web.com Review: Web.com Suggested Retail Templates
Templates are great, but honestly, it’s a lot more than pressing “choose a template” and searching the template library yourself.
Either way, once you’ve selected a template, you’ll be taken to the site editor.
website editor
Web.com Website Editor
When I opened the site editor for this Web.com review, I noticed some great features:
documentation. The introductory tutorial walks you through all the basic features of the site builder, making it perfect for those who haven’t built a site before.
Check out the test. You can see how your website will look on your desktop, tablet, or mobile phone. This makes it easy to ensure your website is mobile-friendly.
Get help easily. There are two small buttons in the lower left corner. One that directs you to the Web.com knowledge base. The other opens a chat window where you can contact customer service.
Next, I started actually working on the site.
Move, add and edit content
The Web.com website builder is a block editor, which means that individual content is organized into blocks that can be moved around the page using drag and drop.
To add a block, click the blue “+” at the top of the sidebar. This will open the block library to the “Functions” area. Here you’ll find everything you need to build simple web pages, including headings, text, images, forms, and tables.
Web.com site editor opens with block menu
To build a more advanced site, click the “Blocks” option near the top of the sidebar. This will take you to a larger block menu with options for banners, calls to action, testimonials, and more. This gives you more options, but is still very limited compared to what you’ll find in a WordPress block editor or even other website builders.
To customize the block, click on it. If it’s a block of text, you can start typing right away. If it’s a non-text block, editing options will appear at the top.
Edit options in the contact block
To move a block, hover over the top of the block and click on the wider part of the blue line that appears, then drag it to a new area of ​​the page.
How to move blocks
Create page
The next thing I looked at this Web.com review was the Pages option in the Web.com site builder. This opens a new sidebar menu with a list of pages. You can also add three types of pages here: blank pages (as shown in the image below), copies of existing pages, and pages that use a different template than the main site template.
Blank page in Web.com editor
Overall, these are all the features you’d expect from a tool like this when creating pages.
Theme customization
Next, I click on “Themes”. This opens up a new sidebar with site-wide customization options for things like fonts and headings.
Theme customization options
All the basic settings are there, so you should be able to match the design of the website to your branding.
set up
Finally, I opened the Settings menu in the sidebar. This gives me the option to enable features like image optimization, create a “back to top” button that appears when users scroll down the page, and the ability to connect your site to other tools like Google Analytics.
This area also gives you the option to enable a blog, but this option is in beta and at the time of writing this Web.com review, the technology appears to be very limited. (If you want to start a blog, I recommend using a WordPress-based website builder instead.)
Help and Technical Support
If you need help designing your website, you can get unlimited help from Web.com’s website coaches via live chat or by phone.
How to Get Web.com Technical Support
You can get technical support by toll-free number. You can also invoice through their customer portal (accessible using the credentials sent to you in the welcome email you received when purchasing the service).
Unfortunately, we cannot determine from the information on the Web.com website their support hours, or their guarantee of help for their customers.
Live chat without tech support
While you can contact customer support over the phone, there is no live chat. Some customers online have reported negative experiences, including delays in responding to inquiries and slow hosting of business emails.
Web.com maintains profiles on the following social media platforms: Facebook, Google+ and Twitter. The company is most active on Twitter and Facebook, so if you choose to connect with them, these platforms will be the ones you can use.
other service
In addition to their web design and marketing services, Web.com also offers web-related products that may be of interest to you. You can buy them with your design service or as a standalone product.
If you need to register a new domain, you can do it through Web.com (even if you don’t need a web design service or web hosting package).
web hosting
Web.com offers three shared hosting options. These options vary in allocated disk space, number of FTP accounts, and email inboxes. All plans get unlimited data transfer as well as a free domain name.
They guarantee 99.99% uptime and access to the site builder (so users who buy hosting automatically get access to the site builder, but users who buy site builder access won’t necessarily include hosting in their package ).
reputation management
If you’re curious about what people are saying about your business, Web.com’s reputation management software tracks all mentions of your business and gathers the information into a single report you view.
Web.com tracks thousands of popular websites, and they notify you whenever they find a mention (positive or negative). They will also provide information on how often you are mentioned compared to your competitors.
accept payment
Web.com’s Take-a-Payment application allows you to integrate payment processing into your site. Clients can also pay for invoices you send or donate to your company (especially valuable if you’re a nonprofit or a business doing fundraising on behalf of a nonprofit).
Conclusion – Determining if Web.com is Right for You
Web.com offers many do-it-yourself and custom web design services for small business owners. Web.com also offers a number of web-related add-ons that you might find useful, such as payment processes, reputation management, and domain registration. All of these can be purchased individually or added to your site builder/custom site design service package.
(When reader buy services from our website to web.com, we will get affiliate commission from Web.com.  commission don’t affect our editorial opinions or assessments.)