When you use TOBESTLOAN (“our Site”), our privacy policies apply to you, and you are deemed to have read, understood, and accepted all the stated conditions.
TOBESTLOAN is not used to collect any personal information.
On this page, you will find out
1. How we collect information
2. Our use of information collected
3. Our user incentives
4. Other policy details.
We encourage you to read the following as carefully as possible:

We Collect Information

While we collect information on TOBESTLOAN, we do not make requests for personal information. When personal information is sought, it will be in respect of user reviews. See section on ‘User Reviews’ below.
Other information collected on our site is anonymous, which is geared at enriching user experience. We track our popular pages and commissions that arise from them.
Here is how we collect information:

Site Analytics

Information is collected at anytime a user is on our site. The information we collect are anonymous and it is the same practice enforced by several websites globally. We use Google Analytics to track each user visit.
All information collected gives us some insight into how our site is used by every visitor. While we do not collect or store your name and physical location, we however have access to:
• The link that got a user to TOBESTLOAN.com
• The pages visited by each user
• The device used to access our site
• The time spent on our website
• The browser settings like language and home country
• The time spent on each page visited
We have some third party analytics on our site that also gives us details on what your clicks were, and the exact pages you spent more time browsing.
All the data we collect helps us assess customers’ needs and how to be responsive to them. We also love to emphasize that all the data collected are completely anonymous and cannot be traceable to an individual.
We do not share or sell user data to anyone outside our organization unless enforced by the intervening provisions of a Court or processes of the law.

Cookies and User Preferences

TOBESTLOAN makes use of cookies on your browser when you visit our website. This is also a practice enforced by every major website. Cookies are small files that help us collect information on your usage of our website.
Our Cookies Policy provides an updated breakdown of what we collect and the basis for them. Apart from this, you should know that cookies help us to know what you find useful in our website, and what is not. This data helps us to update our website and earn commissions.
Our cookies do not have a clandestine access to what is stored in your computer or any other personal information. You can accept our cookies or decline them by using your browser settings.
Some advertising on our website may contain web beacons that enable cookies on your web browser. Third parties might therefore have access to your browsing preferences when you click on those links.
You can read more about cookies on aboutcookies.org
Other functionalities like ‘share buttons’ and social media likes such as ‘Facebook like’ or ‘Google Plus buttons’ may enable third party access to your browser. Not using the share buttons won’t stop those browser cookies used by third parties from learning your browsing preferences.
Web beacons and social media buttons enables the direct collection of information by third parties without the direct participation of TOBESTLOAN. The use of such information by third party apps is subject to their data use, disclosure and collection policies.

Policy Changes

We carry out policy updates from time to time to reflect any change in privacy practices on our website. Changes made are in accordance with extant laws, best practices, and legislation that may become known at intervals. published on our Site.
TOBESTLOAN will communicate any such changes in policy to you by updating this page. You have a duty as a user of our website to check for changes in our policy regularly.
Each change in policy takes effect as soon as they become posted.

Related Websites

TOBESTLOAN has links to third party websites that we do not have control over.
Our privacy policy applies to our website and does not include any website linked to us by way of advertising or social media share buttons. Kindly read through the privacy policy of any website you access from TOBESTLOAN.com.